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What soboj presents ypoteka?

There Ypoteka one species IZ garrison. This pledge happening with pomoshchju nedvyzhymoho property. He prymenyayut with tselju perform obligations of the debtor to the creditor. Dannoe Property remains in polzovanyy ypotekodatelya. In Volume sluchae, when the debtor is not vpolnyt obespechennoho collateral obyazatelstva, the right to ypotekoderzhatel ymeet This Property before the other creditors. That is, this lender ymeet Ability obespechyt satisfaction svoyh the needs pomoshchju toho directly with the property.

Ypotekodatel submityaet is in charge, osuschestvlyayuschee nedvyzhymoho transfer the property in the village intact ypotekuyu obespechyvanyya How to perform obligations Actually, as a second front ypotekoderzhatelem Faces. Way, debtor or guarantor ymuschestvenny ymeet right ypotekodatelya.

What ypotechny such treaties?

Ypotechnm contract nazvaetsya credit kotory javljaetsja poluchenny pod hallMr. ymenno nedvyzhymoho property. K Example, you have Kaki same ??? ymeet Features? Osnovnmy hell ypoteky javljajutsja:

  • In pervuju Queue ypoteka javljaetsja Provision way that something WILL BE commitment Invalid sootvetstvuyuschym method;
  • Always subject of pledge dolzhen bTh Only Property. In particular, for this Property otnosjat mnoholetnye nasazhdenyya, of the building, Structure and nedvyzhymoho others types of property;
  • Data subject ypoteky dolzhen ostavatsya in property of the debtor. Ymeetsya in mind, something on javljaetsja ego and vladeltsem Can polzovatsya th;
  • C pomoshchju specially instrument, that is zakladnoy, happening oformlenye Agreement Between debtor and creditor. way, Data Contracts obyazatelno dolzhen bt zarehystryrovan.

What dolzhna bt listed in the Contents Agreement?

Treaty ypoteky obyazatelno dolzhen soderzh:

  • Title subject garrison, where dannoe Property nahodytsya, description of ego, that is obschuyu Square, as well as be noted Quantity dropped off;
  • Amount The cost garrison;
  • In some kind of a Term in kakom Size dolzhna bt Invalid commitment;
  • specified in it, something right to polzovanye tym Property prynadlezhyt zalohodatelyu.

In the conditions ypoteky Agreement ukazvayutsya and Main terms of credit. Here ymeetsya a type of info:

  • Lender;
  • borrower
  • Amount of credit;
  • Term;
  • Protsentnuyu rate;
  • Size ezhemesyachnh payments;
  • The procedure for repayment of the loan.

If the sides have come not for sohlashenyyu least a uslovyy about a single paragraphs, then Nuzhny schytat nezaklyuchennm such a contract. So there IZ None of the parties not ymeyut nykakyh rights in relations friend for friend, only in cases Volume, If not earlier Between them bl concluded ynoy Treaty.

If the debtor does not own way Finished commitment, the bank togda Can nalozhyt on vzskanyethat Nedvizhimost`, kotoraja bla the foundation. Data bt question Can razreshenny As a sudebnom so and t vnesudebnom process. Through the sale of property publychnh auction foundation happening Implementation toho property.
So ypoteka submityaet is key to ymenno nedvyzhymoho property. This Property Can ostavatsya a property How zastovodavThis, as in the Third and persons.