In the Ternopil region near the village V.Birky DSNS pyrotechnics discovered and seized another 2 bombs

specialists work group pyrotechnic rescue special unit of the Office DSNS Ukraine in the Ternopil region continue to work near the village Large Tags Ternopil region. Pyrotechnics DSNS examined territory where April 202015 locals seeking out non-ferrous metals came across explosive air bomb during the Second World War. The event is classified as an emergency man-made, about ’ yektovoho level. June 18 at the scene of an accident further extracted and concentrated in a secure place two stokilohramPeninsula bombs – explosive and incendiary. Overall, during the period from 20 April to 18 June near the place of occurrence Rescue workers examined in detail 0.545 ha area found and destroyed 107 explosive items, including 60 high-explosive stokilohramovyh bombs, incendiary bombs weighing 16 100 and 2 – weight 2.5 kg, 2 artsnaryady caliber 152 mm mortar shell and a caliber 82 mm. Management DSNS Ukraine in Ternopil region warns: Citizens, if you have an object that looks like ammo or is unknown, do not touch it. The degree of danger of explosive things can only define professional pyrotechnics. They also make decisions about the claimodalshu fate suspicious items. Place where found dangerous discovery, and the fence should organize its protection, so no one was able to stumble on it by accident. Stop any agricultural or other work in this area. On a suspicious object should immediately inform DSNS unit by calling 101. Mr.Ah may also representatives of local governments, which have instructions on civil protection in terms of emergencies.