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Transportation problems Chernigov considered at a meeting of the Coordinating Council

The possibility of extending bus routes change interval movement, closing unprofitable route - these and other issues were discussed at the June 19 meeting of the Coordinating Council on the organization of public transport provision in Chernihiv. First deputy cityiskoho chairman Nicholas Myrhorod commenting all received appeals, stressed that the decision should be made most efficiently and within the existing powers of the executive committee of the City Council. Detailed proposals presented Deputy Head of Transport and Communication of the City Council Oleksandr Belsky, who is currently acting head. Yes, Members considered the appeal of the garden society "Beam" and others to continue the summer route number 30 or number 42 to Polubotskoho intake. As this issue needs further examination on the spot, decided to return to its consideration at the next meeting of the Coordinating Council. Due to the low profitability of the route number10 "brewery - plant" silicate "User PJSC" Taksoservis "requested its closure. The meeting recommended the management of transport and communications of the city council to cancel the contract and announce new competition on the route. Budge vehicle has a problem providing residents of the neighborhood Astra. They have repeatedly gulfAlice to improve transport links with the city. The only obstacle for the continuation of existing routes to ASTRA remained the lack perverse circle. Director of the municipal enterprise "Parking and the market" Dmitry Sinenko reported that he had two years ago provided the production of the necessary project documentation. On the basis of its conLynn Housing City Council in the budget this year laid the necessary funds. Construction project perverse circle on the street. Slavutich has a communal road-building enterprise. However, to begin work is delayed because enterprising residents Astra, illegally seized territory, planted gardens there. If bareIsland street committee and residents of the district reach agreement with the owners, the relevant services are ready to begin construction. Even a number of appeals concerning the continuation routes or changes to them, members of the Coordination Council decision was unanimous and principled, wait in the introduction of new schemes of public transpoHorta. Department of Public Relations of the City Council