In the Rivne oblast centers of vocational education - a serious tool in the labor market

Social Policy Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko and Chairman of the State Employment Service Jaroslaw Kaszuba June 18 visited Rivne. During visit they visited the school of Alexandria branch of the Center for vocational-technicalchnoyi education, on which there was a presentation Services Center Senior familiar with the educational opportunities the center and its material resources. They presented master classes in blacksmithing, building trades, decoration items apparel and interior appointments. Paul Rozenko and Jaroslaw Kaszuba attended classes and workshopsWhere teaching tokarstva, milling, slyusarstva, electric welding, carpentry, avtovodinnya, cutting and sewing. Of interest are acquainted with educational-production base training farm workers. The program of these courses includes a wide range of agricultural specialties that are very popular in the labor market, CCAcially in areas with agrarian. "It's nice that after training at the center for nearly 90 percent of people get jobs - said Pavlo Rozenko. - This is the main criterion and evidence that are effective in creating such a structure. It not only helps retrain, but to direct all ages get an education and a profession, which needsis the economy. Noteworthy is that the Center are vocational demobilized members of ATU and is the exchange of good practice when here come to learn from other areas. " The importance of quality and adapted to modern conditions of professional training emphasized Head of the State Employment Service Jaroslaw Kaszuba. "We need to strengthen the claim centersrofesiyno and technical education, which is a serious tool for the job market. This is one of the priorities of the State Employment Service - says Jaroslaw Kaszuba - In today's economic climate this area need to expand and improve. And continuing systematic work. In the Central Office of the department of work with educational institutions. Developing networksand TSPTO. We have this year to create TSPTO in Kherson and Poltava regions, use a fresh Donetsk and Lugansk TSPTO. " Jaroslaw Kaszuba said close cooperation with the Employment Service of Rivne employers. In particular, the Rivne TSPTO PES operate such controls among employers as the Advisory Committee and konsultatyvni Council professions. The Committee determines labor market trends that affect education; developing ways and means of cooperation between educational institutions and employers; provides a rapid response to the needs of the institution employers. Employers are headed qualification commission with the results of projects and provide claimropozytsiyi for improving curricula and programs using the latest equipment and technology. Another important perspective directions in functional tasks of the employment service Jaroslaw Kaszuba sees forecasting labor market. "If the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine makes this prediction every 5 years, the Swedish Market Analysis Sectioncancer carried out twice a year. This allows you to adjust the structure of fullness professional market. Therefore, Ukraine needs short-term forecasting, which will understand what the profession will have a demand and you want to teach. " Jaroslaw Kaszuba held a working meeting with the leadership of regional employment center, TSPTO PES and center directors basein employment. He stressed that the ongoing phase of modernization, and this requires a responsible attitude to work each part of the employment service at all levels. Head of Service outlined the main tasks necessary for efficient transformation of the employment service and to the ideology of unemployment has changed the ideology employment. Also in the framework of the visaytu Jaroslaw Kaszuba and Paul Rozenko visited a family type Medvedev in the village of Alexandria, where children presented toys and valuable gift. Photos can be viewed here This was reported in Rivne city employment center