Vinnytchina: "The words disappear, endures written" - a regional scientific library im.Timiryazyeva presentation of the book writer of Brailov Galina Zadereychuk (+ photos)

At the regular meeting of the Club intellectuals Vinnytsia, founded by Association of libraries and Vinnitsa region Vinnitsa National Organization Union of Writers of Ukraineyiny, his fictional book "Zhenskaya fate. Book moey life "presented a resident of the village Brailov Zhmerynka district Galina Zadereychuk. Presenter presentations, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine, President of the Club "Intermezzo", head of the Vinnytsia writers' organization, Mikhail cobblestones in his opening remarks said that all readers autobiographical sGalina answers of Zadereychuk are witnessing the birth of a new literary genre fiction model close to the "popular literature": "This is - an autobiographical novel memory, not written or commander known figure, but a simple man, one of us" - he said. Galina Zadereychuk called his work a book-confession or tragic novel. War ChildShe was born in Tatarstan, evacuated during the Second World War, and was suffering career. After a car accident lost her husband and eldest son and second son of Alexander of death in intensive care doctors saved her miraculously. After decades of deprivation suffered forced to work in Italy - is very familiar to manyth Ukrainian women picture! Now the author returned and tried to Brailov vypovisty in his book all that life has taught her and what she wanted to share especially with women as their peers and younger. She believes that one should never despair that life consists of both "black" and must "white" stripes and distress should FERemahaty patience. Bright memories of childhood and parents, friends, with whom the author shared the joys and pains, makes her book purposeful, interesting and life-affirming. Reviewer and editor of the book manuscript Galina Zadereychuk became a writer Leonid Pastushenko. At the meeting of the Club invited from Ternopil book publishers and sponsors, artists, actors, writingnnyky, journalists and NGO activists. The most anticipated guests - widows of fighters killed in the area ATO. Galina Zadereychuk with great respect and warmth gave them the book. Created a festive atmosphere in the well known groups, including folklore ensemble "Mokosh" Vinnitsa College of Culture and Arts. ND Leontovich. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration