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Eastern European National University Ukrainian - 75;

East European National University Ukrainian celebrates its 75th anniversary. Welcome the teaching staff and students of the institution of the anniversary attended by many guests, including Head Volodymyr Hunchyk and regional council Valentin Wind, Lutsk monthskyy Mayor Mykola Romaniuk. A report on achievements and future plans made before the present rector Eastern National University named after Lesya Ukrainian Igor Kotsan. Congratulated the teachers and students of the holiday Mayor Mykola Romanyuk. "Reigns in the room is good and pleasant aura. Thank people who a dozen years of his life,Labour gave the university. shni results that we have, is their contribution to the development and establishment of our university. Today he is proud of Lutsk, Volyn, all Ukraine. The training process uses advanced techniques and technologies. About East European National University known Ukrainian outside of Ukraine. For all the achievements of the villagetoyit great work of teachers and rector Igor Kotsan, "- he stressed. "The head of the institution have many ambitious plans, among them - the construction of a modern campus with academic buildings, laboratories, housing for students and teachers" - said the mayor. The mayor wished teachers and students not soupundertake there and go to new heights. Welcomed the participants and addressed the RSA chairman Vladimir Hunchyk. He read out a welcome address by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and presented a number of state awards. Chairman of the Regional Council Valentin Wind also congratulated teachers and students on the occasion and read out greetings from Goloyou Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Volodyryma Groisman. This was reported in Lutsk city council