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In "Prison on Lontskoho" - art project "Between the stars and crosses"

In Lviv, on Monday June 22 at 18.00 at the National Memorial Museum of Victims of the Occupation Regimes "Prison on Lontskoho" will be the art project "Between the crosses and stars ... ". Memorial "Prison on Lontskoho." Photo: Marian Streltsov Author and director art project&Laquo; Among the stars and crosses … » poetess Yulia Kurtash-Karp, devoted music and poetic performance to the anniversary of the mass shooting in ’ yazniv in NKVD prisons in Western Ukraine in late June 1941, combined poetry events past and present. The concert-requiem will be attended by a string quartet « Collegium Musicum » instock Tera Tityayeva (violin), Kristina Lavryniv (violin), Natalia Hajdamacha (viola) Oskany Litvinenko (cello) and Natalie Krynychanka (vocals) and historical reenactors of the Company oshuku victims of war « Memory ’ Five & raquo ;. Recall repression of Soviet power in 1939 – 1941 were directed against the discordant regardless of thhnoyi nationality. The main factors that a person is categorized as enemies of Soviet power were the social status and involvement in antyvladnoyi activities. Thus, among those arrested were Polish, Ukrainian, Jewish and others. According to the report, the chief of the NKVD prison administration SSR and USSR NKVD deputy chief of the NKVD prison management SRSR « About evacuation in ’ yazniv of prisons in Western Ukraine and other regions of the USSR » on July 12, 1941, in Lviv during 22-28 June 1941 were destroyed in 2464 ’ yazni. All documents and archives in a ’ prison burned except logbooks in ’ yazniv cards and account values. Saved documents sent to Kyiv. NatoModern scientific calculations instead estimate the number of victims in Lviv during 22-28 June 1941 at approximately 4000 people. So killed in ’ prison number 1 – 1681 person is 42% of all shot in ’ yazniv prison city. Told