Volyn region: DSNS improved staff skills to rescue people in the water and oil spills (photo, video)

June 18 in Lutsk on Teremnivskiy reservoir group diving and rescue rescue special unit of the Office DSNS in Volyn region together with representatives ryboohoRhone and local authorities conducted training for units DSNS Lutsk garrison. Participants learned about the teachings rescue operation office, located in the coastal zone, and saw that sailors rescuers equipped with the necessary equipment to save lives on the water and have been properly trained. On the groundexercises in stage divers demonstrated various ways Rescue drowning. In particular, saved the equivalent of the victim by means of end Alexandrov approached swim without any improvised, showing the way to transport the person to the shore and drowned simulated moved to dopravlyaly and rescue boat to shore.In addition, divers conducted an operation to search for drowned at the bottom of the reservoir. The next step was training classes to provide first aid drowned. Since the main prerequisite of successful assistance in drowning – This is correct, timely and clear actions, the participants reviewed the exercises in detail all the stages to the pre-medicalassistance. During the final phase of training staff rescue of Lutsk held a training exercise for the disposal of spilled oil on the surface of water bodies to minimize the consequences of ecological catastrophe. In particular, rescuers using special equipment deployed on the water Reach slick bar, lokalizuvavshy conditional spilled oil slick, and using contaminated water pumps pumped to a special container. &Laquo; training will be conducted and will continue to improve the skills of rescuers at accidents on the water and be able to efficiently and quickly eliminate the consequences of environmental accidents and to minimizeeffects of harmful effects on the environment in case of a real emergency & raquo ;, - said head diving rescue rescue special unit of the Office DSNS in Volyn region Arkady Minor. In DSNS in Volyn region