In the Lviv region students are taught safe behavior during summer vacation

In the period from 1 to 19 June of regional experts methodical study of human safety the Training Center RCD and BDZ Lviv region O.Ilchyshyn M.Solop and conducted briefings for life safety children staying in children's pryshkilnyh camps. During this period, trainings were conducted in the Galician school, secondary school 34, 44 secondary school, secondary school 52, 55 secondary school, secondary school number 33, ZOSSH number 53, number 91 ZOSSH. Summer is the period of holidays and vacation, someone goes to sea, others the mountains. Wherever we were, we are watching for danger. It can be instantly and to getof it and act confidently in an emergency, you must have some knowledge. During the briefings, teachers taught children the rules of conduct during the storm and at a meeting with wild animals, snakes, ticks, warned students of food consumption in unknown mushrooms and berries. Rehearsing with students the rules of safe behavior on the road,at home and during leisure, used games, quizzes conducted, trainings, discussions on the safety of life. Such interactive forms of work helped to conduct educational activities more interesting and useful. After training game aims to find a way out of the crisis in children promotes their search activity. The aim of the measures was reached,students strengthen their knowledge about emergencies on their causes, because such meetings contribute to the education of students in meaningful positions on life safety.