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Ukraine Championship on fire-applied sport undecided winners 100m strip with obstacles

June 18 at the sports complex rescue special unit of the Main Department of State Service of Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region within Ukraine Championship on fire-applied sport participants crossed the hundred-meter stripegu obstacles, and it requires full concentration athlete strength and attention. After all, in order to successfully overcome it, you must have sprinter speed and agility gymnast. After 23 meters after the start of an athlete overcomes a two-meter fence picks up two fire hoses weighing 5 kg pack runs (boom), then attach a hose to the rosesbranching, standing on the treadmill, and the second to the barrel, which is behind from the start, then crosses the finish line. According to the results of overcoming 100m strip with obstacles in fierce fighting team won the championship of the Volyn region, second place went to athletes from m. Kyiv, « bronze » won rescuers Kyyivsvein area. Thus, the results of Combined overcome 100m strip with obstacles and lifting assault ladder to the window 4th floor training tower leads the team with m. Kyiv, second place – Volyn and third place – Kiev region. Team place after passing 3 stages as follows: First place – m. Kyiv,II – Volyn and III – Kiev region. In the individual competition to overcome the 100 meters hurdles champion strips of Ukraine was Sergei Prysyazhenko of Lviv region with a score of 15,84 sec., Silver in his older brother Andrew Prysyazhenka of m. Kyiv with a score of 16,18 sec., And will receive the bronze medal Dmitry Lyutenko with the result of 16.90 sec., and thatalso presents the capital. Individual results of Combined: I place – Sergey Prysyazhenko (Lviv), second place – Andrew Prysyazhenko (m. Kyiv), III – Roman Thoruk (Lviv State University life safety). PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region