For quality road repairs should establish road funds - Pivovarsky

road problem is relevant not only in Lviv region, but also for the whole of Ukraine - a historical and complex. Systemic underfunding of road management and unsystematic investment contributed to the situation. You must create a road funds, where the funds will come from ASCyziv on imported fuel. Repair of roads. Photo: This opinion in an exclusive interview ’ S ZIK TV journalist Daniel Mokryku expressed by Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Andriy Pivovarsky. &Laquo; We try to control that the funds allocated for pit repair, not stolen and used as somebefore virgin and on those priority areas, which is generally difficult to pass. But in fact, 300 million hryvnia in the current repair of roads for the whole region – This drop in the ocean & raquo ;, – said the official. To change a system approach and consequently – situation, you need a road funds. &Laquo; WeAraz working hard to make the money go for excise taxes on imported fuel, came in road funds, and, in fact, – the construction, repair and operation of roads. Already completing the creation of the bill and I hope that soon it will present & raquo ;, – said Andrew Pivovarsky. Told