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Entertainment services in social networks hide many dangers - experts

Social networks overwhelmed various tests such as "Who is your affiliate soul?" Or "How will you look like in 50 years?". Although at first glance look like ordinary services such fun, actually hides many dangers. This refers to the story of journalist nershyh Western news « Review of Day » (Schobudnya at 21:00 on channel ZIK) Julia Buhtoyarovoyi. Typically, these services work on a virus that spreads rapidly. Programmers say, most of them are not created for the entertainment of Internet users, and to earn speculators. &Laquo; Such sites can lure customerss and then sell them various services. For example, if we speak of « soul mate & raquo ;, it can be on-line dating. Or, if the « What do you look like in 50 years » man is thick, it can sell cellulite cream & raquo ;, – Nazar said programmer Tymoshyk. Users of such servicescredit crooks can also withdraw all funds. It is often to find out the answer in the test, you must provide access to their personal data. &Laquo; He can take your mail or phone number. When your wit ‘ commitments to online banking, you can get your password and withdraw money & raquo ;, – stresses blogger Peter Neck. Therefore, experts advise: theypershe keep your email. Especially now that there are many services that help protect personal information from prying eyes. &Laquo; most that should be protected – This is your mailbox, because it all comes passwords. So, for example, for Gmail, nayraschyh Protection – Use a strong password. There is a nonfikation: before you go, you comes SMS. That is, enter your username, password and code that comes to your phone & raquo ;, – Nazar explains Tymoshyk. The main thing is not to get hooked to speculators, before you click on « give my consent » just need to be careful and always read what offers Internet service. Told