In the Zhytomyr region twice a day firefighters eliminated

dry vegetation fire June 8 at 13:20 on the item called ’ connection 22 th State Fire and Rescue Volodarsk village of Volyn was reported fire haystack that the village Skolobiv. Upon arrival to the site the next call guard firefighters found that mountainsone's about 5 tons of dry vegetation. Kopytsya was in the field. Locate fire failed already at 13:44, and finally eliminated at 15:35. However, the hay could not be saved. All circumstances of the accident are currently being installed. Thesame day, but at 19:50 the men of the 22nd had to go for another one fire of straw stacks, located in the village Vyshnyakivka.The fire was discovered holders – They felt that the street goes smell of smoke. Home immediately informed of this rescue service « 101 » .Vzhe at 19:54 DSNS soldiers managed to localize the fire and eliminate at 20:55. This time the fire destroyed only 1 ton of dry vegetation. According to the owners of ignition could occur due to pranks with matchesand their young son, played at the stacks. However, the final cause is currently installed. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region