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Ukraine Championship on fire-applied sport undecided fire winners in the relay 4 x 100

ended the first day of the Championship of Ukraine on fire and applied sport among departments DSNS Ukraine, held at the sports complex rescue detachment of the Main Department of Civil Service in UkraineKhmelnytsky region. In the afternoon the athletes overcome the fire relay race 4 x 100 m. During this type of event participants from Relay (fire logs) are in the hands of four stages. In the first phase vohneborets rises to the roof of the house using a ladder-stick, the second phase overcomes the fence height of two meters. In the third phase, Catch Upyvshy sleeves and boom Running athlete attaches to the hose branching and paves the sleeve line. The final fourth stage ends with a spectacular event – member extinguishes a burning liquid fire extinguisher in the deck. Thus, according to the fire relay 4 × 100 meters prizes were distributed as follows: first place with a score of 56, 87 s – team with m. Kyiv; Second place with a score of 58.06 s – Lviv region; Third place with a score of 58.13 s – Odessa region. So on the first day of competition for the two types of exercise leads the team with m. Kyiv, the second ranked team of the Odessa region, third – Lviv region. PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region