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In Transcarpathia implement priority projects for nearly 120 million for regional development

Which investment programs and regional development projects included in the list of funding in 2015 from the state Regional Development Fund, said the deputy head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration Mykhailo Rivis. "Happened toasidannya regional commission to assess and provide the competitive selection of investment programs that can be implemented by the state Regional Development Fund in 2015 ", - said high-ranking official. Funds State Fund for Regional Development, primarily directed to the implementation of investment programs Dregional development, including cooperation projects and voluntary association of communities. To create industrial infrastructure and innovative parks in the province, these projects meet the priorities set out in See also: Uzhgorod deputies voted for the controversial Plan (PHOTOS + VIDEO) State Strategy reggaetional development and regional strategy of regional development, said experts of the Department of Economic Development and Trade of the RSA. Programs and projects implemented by the state Regional Development Fund, to be co-financing from local budgets at 10%, added the experts. During the meeting, the regional commission ozvucheno that the regional administration submitted to the Interdepartmental Committee on conformity assessment of investment programs and regional development projects that can be implemented by the state Regional Development Fund in 2015, 58 projects totaling 118.250 mln. and two objects, which is available payablesover the years in the amount of 1.170 mln. UAH. "Taking into account the comments of the Interdepartmental Commission chaired by First Deputy Prime Minister Gennady Zubko, regional commission excluded from the list of four projects totaling 8.119 million. UAH. and included additional investment projects by a corresponding amount, "- said Michael Rivis. Among the priority items -educational, medical and cultural institutions; roads, drainage system, water supply network and facilities and so on. In particular, the construction of a sports complex in m.Tyachiv; reconstruction of Uzhgorod specialized boarding school building and expansion of regional center neurosurgery, rehabilitation center regional children's hospital in Mukachevo; buildingsat a kindergarten in s.Fanchykovo on Vynogradiv, district hospital (obstetrics and gynecology building) in m.Rahiv, drainage villages Kinchesh, Korytnyany, Chaslivci Uzhgorod district, and many others. Press Service Transcarpathian Regional State Administration News of Transcarpathia - "Carpathian lens" Told