In Chernihiv region near the beach " Bryansk " rescuers extracted and disposed of 3 artillery ammunition

June 12th at 10:30 to the operational and management coordination center DSNS in Chernihiv region was reported that at the bank. Desna, the hotel « & raquo ;, Bryansk found two unknown objects similar fromand featured on ammunition. At the scene immediately went pyrotechnic group work and offices underwater demining UDSNS in Chernihiv region, which qualified the pieces of data as artillery shots caliber 30 mm. In a further examination of the adjacent water area was discovered another artillery ammunition Kaliborum 45 mm. After complex pyrotechnic events all explosive items were exported to a special site on outside the settlement and destroyed by explosive demolition. With this in mind, the Office DSNS Ukraine in Chernihiv region appeals to citizens asking if you find an object that looks like a munition not torkaytities it. The degree of danger of explosive things can only define professional pyrotechnics. They also make decisions about the future of suspicious objects. Place where found dangerous discovery, and the fence should organize its protection, so no one was able to stumble on it by accident. Stop any agricultural orother works near this place. On a suspicious object should immediately inform DSNS unit by calling 101 or the police by calling 102. UDSNS in Chernihiv region