Ivano-Frankivsk, keep forest fires;

in Ivano-Frankivsk region declared a storm warning, as projected by meteorologists, 12-14 June is expected to be high and remarkable level of fire danger. In connection ’ communication with this increased risk in case of fire. Every year in the summer period often you fireNika fires in the forests on peatlands, agricultural lands. Long-term analysis confirms that the main causes of forest fires is the human factor, lightning, spontaneous combustion torf`yanoyi crumbs and uncontrolled burning dry grass and vegetation residues in hot weather. In practice, the thoughtlessly left onpochyvayuchymy outstanding fire, thrown cigarette butts, lead to the fact that first destroyed a lot of green areas. The fire reduced protection, water conservation and other useful properties of forests, destroyed flora and fauna, which is why the state put considerable material damage. In addition, forest fires are very dangerous DaysFor life and health ’ i man. Management DSNS in Ivano-Frankivsk region warned all residents and visitors land during the dry hot weather to refrain from trips to the forest, especially on vehicles to prevent uncontrolled burning dry grass and vegetation remnants on private land, particularly those that limittion of forests, observe fire safety rules in handling of fire while the open area of ??the field, in the woods near the peat to prevent fires. Memory ’ Yatai, is simple human negligence in dealing with fire may cause irreparable damage to the environment! Protect the forest from fire!