Khmelnytsky region, rescuers eliminated the effects of Hurricane

on June 14th at 16:10 to the rescue was reported that on the street. Ukrainian Lesya in. Kam ’ Kamyanets-Podolsky and in the village. Dovzhok m. Kam ’ Kamyanets-Podolsk district due to Hurricane roadway and fallen trees blocked traffic. Rescuers, IKey promptly arrived at the scene with the help of chainsaw and sawed wood removed them from the road. Already at 16:15 on the item called ’ communication 1st State Fire and Rescue parts of the city. Khmelnitsky was reported that on the street. Zavadsky in the regional center of the roadway fallen tree. Rescuers carried out work on its calcizannya and cleaning of the branches of the road. At 16:29 on teofipolskym told rescuers that on the road in the direction smt.Teofipol - s.Stroky because of strong wind on the roadway are dumped trees and branches, which prevents traffic. Immediately place the call came to rescue the State Emergency Servicesand smt.Teofipol that using special equipment and supplies have been working to clear the road of trees and branches. On the same day, at 17:28 rescuers Shepetivka was reported from the inhabitant s. Mokiyivtsi that his house might fall from the tree branches, which oblamalasya because of the storm. Employees DSNS quickly cleUli to the address, and using chainsaws cut branches. Total to eliminate the consequences of the weather involved 19 rescuers on n ’ mint vehicles. Accident was not. HUDSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region