Volyn region, rescuers conducted tactical exercises in the hospital June 16

employees of the State Fire and Rescue 11 of the village Shack conducted tactical exercises in the territorial about health ’ union that serves the residents of the two neighboring districts of Volyn region – Lyubomlsky and Shatsky. Meand exercises - check validity of health personnel and improve the skills of workers DSNS response to emergencies in health care ’ i. Representatives of emergency services response algorithms worked interactions. According to the plan of training fire originated in one of the rooms on the first floor of the medical institution. Another paramedic, discover conventional fire immediately called the number « 101 » and told management about ’ facility. Hospital staff had notification of emergency measures and started to evacuate patients and working staff, who were in the building. To place a conventional fire a few minutes another arrivedworth the 11 th State Fire and Rescue In DSNS of Ukraine in the Volyn region. For the intelligence and fire extinguishing training in heavy smoke was formed hazodymozahysnykiv link that with the exploration and evacuation performed by conventional fire protection of neighboring buildings. During the exercises Delivervalnyky conditional've found the victim, who was conceived exercise in smoky room, and immediately brought it to the smoky room. Results showed exercise, and through coordinated operational actions of rescuers and about administration ’ of the object to eliminate fire and rescue work in hospitals UMOint fire quickly managed to liquidate and prevented fire spread throughout the building. In DSNS in Volyn region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/