Khmelnytsky region, rescuers call for safe behavior in natural ecosystems 13-15 June

rescuers spent Khmelnytsky preventive raids in the forest park areas and water bodies in areas where mass resting residents and visitors the edge. The main objective of these measures is to prevent the occurrence of fire in natural ecosystems anddeath about water ’ yektah, where the beginning of this year has killed 20 people. The two unfortunate incidents occurred last days. So, on June 15 at 9:45 paragraph called ’ connection 21st state of the Fire and Rescue m. Shepetivka received information from another police department that a bet with. Man is sawing the body. Jobnicks DSNS using a rescue boat « BARK » got the body of the reservoir. On the same day, at 17:45 Chemerovechchyny told rescuers that in. Bodnarivka in the river Zbruch found the body of the boy born in 2001 With water body raised Gusyatyn rescue divers diving station Ternopil region and sent to Kam ’ Kamyanets-Podilskoho forensic expert. So when vidpratsyuvan rescuers, employees Forestry and police held Rose ’ yasnyuvalnu work among citizens and reminded that during the summer heat need special attention to focus on prevention of violations of fire safety in forests, and places of public entertainment on the water about ’ yektah SARoronyayetsya swim below the bathing water area, which is fenced buoys, swim to motor vehicles, sailboats, rowing boats and other craft. In addition, rescuers warned banning swimming drunk. With older citizens were held separate briefings regarding supervision of the behavior of children. All travelers buLo handed leaflets and city ’ preventive nature of interest. PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region