Held in Khmelnytsky complex tactical and special training in under the threat of terrorist attack

February 19 on the territory of Letychiv Central Hospital was integrated tactical and special training of the personnel of the garrison operational rescue civil protection. For tactical plan, as a result of a terrorist act occurred pozheMs. neurological department in the House on the first floor. The fire quickly spread trees ’ Jana floor corridor in the other chamber and out-patient department. At the time of fire in the room were two patients, in addition, on the upper floors of outpatient department were too infirm administration institutions were evacuated toarrival fire-rescue department. Two compartments 15th state of the Fire and Rescue arrived quickly to the scene. As part gazodymozaschitny level service workers DSNS brought fresh air « & raquo ;, victims gave their physicians « fast » and began to fire suppression in chambers hospital. In addition,for the second conditional Cable, threatened the mortar attack the hospital. The staff immediately evacuated the patients medical institutions to defenses. Active participation in the study was the interaction service representative. In particular, the operational group District Police Station has exposed positions, outfits for emergency exits. Energy ohlyanuly about mains ’ object and znestrumyly it. Relevant work are been made and other services sustenance. Summing up the training manager said that participants improved performance and skills of fire and rescue, emergency departments and practically worked on interaction with the services during onvchan. PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky oblast

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