Vladimir Janko: "Prosecutors should perelashtuvatysya"

The task set before the prosecutor Transcarpathian region subordinates during the extended board meeting on the results of the prosecution in 2014. In particular, Vladimir Janko said that despite the difficult conditions in which everyone had to work during the last period,Agali fulfilled the functions assigned to prosecutors and legitimacy in the region. Thus, through the joint efforts of law enforcement officers failed to provide enough stable situation in the region, including the crime. However, due to the effective implementation prosecutors procedural guidance, enhanced work with disclosure kryminalnyh offenses. Designated trend towards humanization of preventive measures, increased utilization rate agreements on recognition of guilt and guilty of promoting reconciliation with victims. On board, among other things noted that due to activation of the special forces of law enforcement agencies in Transcarpathia organized disposed of 6 Decemberpack. Completed a number of current investigation proceedings related ’ knitted corruption. In committing these crimes exposed of customs and tax authorities, police and district administrations. Found evidence of embezzlement of budget funds, abuse of land relations and so on. Accepted all necessary measures to counteractAm separatism and violation of territorial integrity of Ukraine. In addition, considerable work has been done to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens and state interests, in particular by means of civil law. However, noting a number of positive developments, regional prosecutor emphasized the need for reorientation of the requirements of this prosecutiontion. &Laquo; No one has the necessary dry the statistics, forget it. The public expects tangible results of our work and we have to prove that we can fulfill our responsibilities, we must perelashtuvatysya or resign » - Said Vladimir Janko. Despite positive momety to work, prosecutor concerned byexpansion of the instances of abuse in budget and tax areas to profit from the movement of goods and contraband, while extremely low efficiency of law enforcement officers from their discovery and disclosure. There are no real developments special forces in the fight against organized crime, primarily in the areas of land relations, gameOn business, human trafficking and so on. Thus, the head of the agency criticized the work of the prosecutors who failed to ensure proper response and the situation and stressed the need to immediately address the deficiencies in the work. Vladimir Janko prosecutor gave each term within a month to show real results and work to correct the situation. AttorneyRegion stated that the current problems Transcarpathia is traditionally observance of land law, environmental protection, illegal felling of forests, arrears of wages, etc., so prosecutors in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies will continue to pay special attention to their decision based on the submitted full ofovazhen. During the board meeting also discussed the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in case shnoyi difficult situation in Ukraine. First of all, about setting up activity to prevent manifestations of separatism and violation of territorial integrity, and in compliance with legal requirementsto mobilize the population. He emphasized the prosecutor Transcarpathian region and also on the issue of raising the level of public trust in the prosecution. Vladimir Janko requires subordinates fundamental response message, the treatment of citizens of violations of the law, which appear in the media, followed by informing on the action with tsoho about events. &Laquo; We have to understand the scale and complexity of the challenges that we face and responsibility for the outcome. On our ability to quickly and professionally solve them depends on whether prosecutors will shortly modern European-style public body » - Said the prosecutor region. Following the zasidation board of a number of measures designed to allow better perform tasks to strengthen law and order in the region posed by the prosecution state and society. Press office of the Prosecutor's Office Transcarpathian region

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