In cinemas reveal the secrets of Chernivtsi

unique municipal social project "Secrets of my city", revealing unexplored pages of history skirts, Rivne, Chernivtsi and Bukovina generally starts June 16 in a movie theater "Palace of Cinema named Olga Kobylianska." During 2015, every visitor urban kinoteatditch before viewing the main sessions, will be able to see a few minute 'film magazines. " The series is made in a television format and DISCOVERYhistory EXPLORER. The project has a special social and spiritual relevance, especially given the temptation that befell the Ukrainian state. The project provides cultural and educational organizationsI SINERGICON-production in cooperation with the Chernivtsi City Council. The project is the isolation of historical heritage in culturally material (book, album, value) or the ideological and cultural terms (song, poem, record, etc.) and bring indisputable value of this heritage to the citizens to show a direct link its with them. "Secrets mosecond city "- a nationwide sensation related to Chernivtsi, are not investigated, but worth the enormous attention. The authors of the project - an attempt to realize that Ukrainian should be proud of every piece of their own land. This was reported in the Chernivtsi City Council