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In the Rivne region told the unemployed to become a successful woman to equip

women are registered in Kuznetsovska city employment center, positive and conscious attitude to their future employment and active process, experts held a seminar on "Women in the labor market." The event, held on June 11, attended14 unemployed. Leading specialist of active support unemployed Julia Denysyuk raised the issue of discrimination against women in the labor market on the grounds of age, gender, appearance, marital status. She emphasized in particular that employers wish to rent Men usually justify traditional stereotypes regarding individuals and Intelktualnyh women and their family responsibilities and the confidence that men can do the job better than women. Participators acquainted with social services that can get women at the center of employment, conditions of employment and training, internship. There were very appropriate and properly consulted concerningspine resume writing and job interview with a potential employer. Participants of the meeting learned about the labor market situation of the city and the region, considered the mistakes made by women during the job search, career types studied. They also received advice on how to become a successful woman. At the end of the seminar experts Employment handedattended the presentation booklets state employment services. This was reported in Rivne city employment center