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Young basketball players Lutsk - The sixth international tournament

In the Polish city of Lublin took place 11-14 June thrilling battles International Youth Basketball Tournament sister cities Lublin LUBLIN BASKET CUP 2015. Tournament was quite representative, since it took part in 12 teams from Ukraine, Belarus, Spain, China, Turkey, Rossies, Lithuania, Israel and Poland. Our city and state in this prestigious tournament basketball team represented the youths' Volynbasket "CYSS pupils number 1, which has delegated Committee for Physical Culture and Sport at the town council. Lutsk basketball players started fighting for awards in the "C" team Dzhyazu city (China) and cities Byala Podlyaska II and Lublin (Poland). In the first game - the defeat of the Chinese team 56-92. But this is not our znitylo basketball, and making appropriate adjustments and showing character, Luciano in these meetings took convincing victory over basketball from Biala Podlaska - 74-68 and 86-54 second team owners. As a result, second place in the group and podalshomu fight only 5-8. On Sunday, 14 June, Luciano played with the first team game for the home fifth place. If the debut quarter proved to more or less equal with a small advantage Lublin (19:16), the latter only as a failure not name. Unfortunately, almost wiped out the minimum performance equal fight - 20: 7. The next two hoursACE intervals were by Luciano, but could not catch up. 70:61 So the defeat and sixth place, which we consider a success for the young and promising basketball Luck. Congratulations to our Luck athletes and their coaches Dmitry and Vladimir Tchaikovsky Zhurzhiya and wish new victories. This was reported in Lutsk city council