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In Lutsk entrepreneurial patriotism with shelves

Pursuant to the decision of Lutsk city council from 26.02.2015 71 / 25, orders the mayor of 11.08.2014 288 On additional measures to support Ukrainian producer," the results of the monitoring of supermarkets city ??and major retailers as of June 102015 found that found mutual understanding between the authorities and entities to Special inform consumers about the products of Russian origin, the cessation of supplies of Russian goods and support Ukrainian producer. Business entities work continues to introduce significant labeling tagachkamy "Goods of the Russian Federation" and / or Flag of price tags on goods. All establishments trade that included a group monitoring vidmarkovuyut price tags on goods of Russian origin Flag of, some further noted the word "Russia". In some schools introduced labelingAll Products markings on the country - the manufacturer or information signs on the shelves of goods "Buy Ukrainian" on blue-yellow background. Entities demonstrating entrepreneurial patriotism, take all possible measures to complete abandonment of goods of Russian origin, some of which have a broad range of Russian comradeariv, led him to a minimum, if allowed to contractual obligations - used the opportunity to return goods, others - sell out the available balance of goods or work with enterprises to the expiration of contracts for the supply of goods of Russian origin, with urgently is unparalleled search Comradeariv Ukrainian or other countries - producers. Over the period mentioned decision of the City Council by the Mayor's new contractual obligations with suppliers of Russian goods have not been concluded. According businesses, significantly reduced sales of Russian goods residues because the sale is lengthy. I say thisone's that consumers, too, for its part, support the common position of local government and businesses. Note: Three ways to define Russian product: brand name; Barcodes (goods produced in Russia starting on 46 (460-469)); Country - manufacturer (sometimes barcode indicating the place of registration entrepreneur,mstva (not Russian)). This was reported in Lutsk city council