At Vinnytsia football all share - a democratic game that really reflects the life and coexistence of people in a team (+ photos)

the head of the regional state administration Valery Cow visiting Vinnytsia Oblast Cup final soccer years 2014/2015, held June 14, 2015 in Vinnitsa in the stadium Insurance "Niva" ("Chemist"). "CommeHades cup finalists this year said that football, despite all the difficulties and even in rural areas, developing! After all, this is encouraging, as we see new teams. Football unites all - a democratic game. Really reflects the life and coexistence of people in the team. Here is an example: in politics, as in football, you can not booyou're a good professional if you do not know how to interact with partners and shalt work together for a common goal. It is necessary in Ukraine "- said Valery cow. As for the game itself, it should be noted that most cup battles unpredictable - this truth once again confirmed the football team from village Rudansky Sharhorod District, Vinnychrank. That representative gave a true championship battle minions who finished fourth in the standings of the regional elite division and yet most titled team of Vinnitsa region - kyrnasivskomu "skirts" (Tulchinsky district). However, the way to the final in this season Kyrnasivky seemed not too convincing. In one eight in it refused to playJmerinka. In early spring only managed to get the answers match Kozyatyn. Winning the sum of two meetings of FC "Vinnytsia" due to the greater number of goals scored away looks real " & quot ;. sensation And in the course of the championship Kyrnasivka zbavyla move from second place falling to fourth. In the first half, "15 Communities" playing Dr.uhym number and was close to in order to surrender at least once. However, reliably save by keeper played goalkeeper sharhorodtsiv. But after the break " COMMUNITY " began to play differently, more vigorously. All efforts materialize at the end of normal time. Kyrnasivky ball put Vlad Stepaniuc. Very quickly zelenochorni (Kyrnasivka) modihralysya. A corner head effectively shut Ruslan Popovich. Thus the match and moved to overtime. The culmination of the match fell to the start of the third half, where "15 Communities" survived and retained its target intact. Final whistle announced that 23 Cup field is sent to the village Rudansky Sharhorod area. GDr. finished with a score 2: 1. Super Cup in August, the region will converge champion FC " Patriot " (P. Kukavka, Mogilev-Podolsky district and FC "15 Communities"). Honorary Chairman of the NGO "15 Communities" Basil Wolf said: "The emotions and feelings, of course, overwhelmed. I hope that the Cup final involving two village teams will advance to the volumeConnect enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, government representatives, around the idea of ??the revival of football. I am confident that our team will take all procedures and out to the big leagues. However, I would like to take part in the national amateur competitions to Vinnytsya region closer to Ukraine, and Ukraine to Vinnitsa region. The conclusion here is one - fans in love and regionly, love and love football, so let them always give positive emotions to a higher level. We will not think ahead, because time is not easy, but I think that football Vinnichchine sport number one and must be restored. " This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration