In Lviv quickly tracked down fugitive driver who knocked down a cyclist

In the Lviv region traffic police have installed a driver who did hit a bicyclist and fled the scene. Accidents took place yesterday, June 11, about three o'clock in Gorodok street Lysenko. Law enforcement officers received information that unknowndriver, driving an unidentified vehicle, did hit a 75-year-old cyclist. As a result, accidents steering « dvohkolisnoho » injured. A man was taken to the hospital. Doctors diagnosed him with brain concussion, lacerations slaughter-head and thorax. The driver who committed this accident- Left the scene. However, employees of the State promptly installed fugitive. Violators was 26-year-old local resident who was driving the car « Renault Trafic & raquo ;. According to the new moon, realizing that done calamities it has caused doctors to the scene, and then – fled because he was afraid of responsibilityand. Currently the investigation. Guardians establish all the circumstances and causes of the accident. This was reported in the press service of the traffic police administration in Lviv region