In the Zhytomyr region on day three rescuers eliminated the fire in the open area, the fire destroyed more than 3

hectares of dry grass on June 10 at 9:25 to rescue Korostensky district received information about a fire of dry grass near the village manor. Fire reported residents of homes that are located near the fire place. Upon arrivalRescuers from ’ yasuvaly burning dead wood area of ??about 3 hectares and due to the strong wind flame ’ I spread toward the houses. Thanks to the skillful actions of firefighters were not allowed to rollover flame ’ I housing, lokalizuvavshy fire at 10:30. Final disposition of adventure took place at 14:01. The dead and injured thereis. The same day the fire area fire eliminated the dry vegetation in Korosten and Bilokorovychi Olevskii in the village area, a total area of ??1 hectare. Probable reasons for such fires still quite predictable – This careless use of fire by burning garbage and carelessly thrown cigarette butt like. Overall YTDThis is not the first instances of dead wood fire in open areas. With this in mind, the Office DSNS Ukraine in Zhytomyr region warned to be particularly careful when dealing with fire in the hot season, clean place designed to focus from dry grass and debris. In view of the numerous forest fires in Ukraine, firefighters are asked to refrainfrom visiting the forest. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region