In Zhytomyr road inspectors detained a man who stole by car during the test drive

In Berdichev district roads in the direction of Vinnitsa region kidnapper searched several cars and traffic police, and he was with his friends. After police discovered by car in one of the villages in the area. Today avtovykradach arrested. Initiation of pre-triale investigation. In the evening on June 11 berdychivlyanyn called the police and reported that he had stolen the car "BMW". According to him, half an hour ago, he met a man who was willing to buy by car, and went with him on a test drive. For some time buyer took advantage of a moment when the owner came out of the cabin, startedcar and quickly moved toward the place of departure from Berdichev. In addition to law enforcement officers, the owner immediately informed about the incident and his comrades, asking help in them. Therefore, the pursuit avtovykradachu different ways towards Vinnitsa region, where probably could go attacker drove a few avtivok - and police employee and voluntaryassistants among friends applicant. In the village. Ahativtsi Berdichevsky district road inspectors noticed wanted "BMW" which buksyruvavsya another car. At the request of law enforcement officers stopped drivers. It was found in "BMW" over fuel. - Pilot stolen car, 39-year-old previously convicted resident of Kiev region, arrested on st.208 (KJV Detentionvnovazhenoyu officer) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The issue of electing him a preventive measure, - the head of Berdichev CF MIA Roman Zaitsev. In fact misappropriation vehicle (st.289 Criminal Code of Ukraine) started pre-investigation. Under the current law andvtovykradachu threatens a significant fine, restriction or deprivation of liberty for a period of 3 to 5 years. It was reported the press service of STI of MIA of Ukraine in Zhytomyr region