In Lutsk City Council Secretary Sergei Grigorenko took part in the raising of the Olympic flag

near the regional branch of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine held a ceremony "Celebration of the Olympic Flag" on the opening of the European Games in. Baku. In the framework was raising the national flag and the flag of Ukraine NATIONSionalnoho Olympic Committee of Ukraine. The event was attended City Council Secretary Sergei Grigorenko, City Council Gregory Poustovit, first deputy head of the regional council Alexander Pyrozhyk. The purpose of this event is the development of the Olympic movement in Ukraine, fostering a sense of patriotism and pride in the success of Ukrainian sportsmen onand his nation, creating a positive attitude to the Olympic movement and healthy lifestyles, promoting humanistic Olympic ideals. Addressing the audience, Sergei Grigorenko said: "Our ancient Luchesk, which this year will celebrate the 930 th anniversary is definitely a sports city. Lutsk Mayor Mykola Romanyuk and deputies mindtion that can only Olympic sport where there is a powerful mass sport. This year made the first bicycle track and we will continue this work. This is a step towards the athletes and a healthy lifestyle. I, together with Vladimir Rudiuk and head of Volyn regional high school sports skills Andriy Avramenko been manufacturingdocuments for the restoration of the stadium in recreation park named after Lesya Ukrainian. Currently there are stables and racetrack, we relocated them outside the city and make a new athletics stadium, which will take international competition. I hope that soon we will be able to do it all to the end of the year get a good stadium. "Also secretary of the City Council wished our team victories in these international events to our athletes won the most awards. European games or Yevropiada - multispecies Sports that initiated in 2015. Yevropiada should be analogous pan-Asian or Pan American Games. Ukraine and the European Games to representshall 243 athletes. They will be performing in 19 of 20 sports (Ukrainian will not be represented in athletics where athletes race will take place the 3rd division team championship of Europe and rozihruvatymetsya one set of awards). As part of the national team of Ukraine to European competitions of the highest rank Lutsk will Representatvlyaty titled two athletes - master of sports of international class Yana Ukraine Belomoina (cycling - mountain bike) and Maria Povh (rowing and canoeing). This was reported in Lutsk city council