Uzhgorod city council illegally seized Uzhgorod specialized school I-III stages 5 - Prosecutor demands to cancel the decision Prosecutor of Uzhgorod

to Zakarpattia district administrative court filed a claim for recognition of illegal and cancel the decision of Uzhgorod City Council of 19 December 20'14 &Laquo; on the transfer of buildings » (ZOSH5 of the building). These decisions Uzhgorod specialized school I-III stages 5 depth study of foreign languages, located at Uzhgorod. Str. Kiev Quay 16 submitted to the executive committee of Uzhgorod city council in use under the operationalmanagement building years. E total area of ??62 sq.m. for the installation of cycling and tourist city center. As fulfills obligations Prosecutor of Uzhgorod Serhiy Krasnogolovets, according to Art. 63 of the Law of Ukraine « the Education » property institutions and establishments, organizations, businesses education system belongs to their rights,under applicable law. Fixed assets, current assets and other property state schools, institutions, organizations and enterprises of the education system are not subject to seizure. Notwithstanding the rule of law Uzhgorod city council illegally, on the basis of its decision, withdrew from the operational management of Uzhgorod specialized shkoDo I-III stages school 5 room for improvement of urban cycling and tourist center and transferred operational management executive committee of Uzhgorod city council. Press service of the Prosecutor's Office Transcarpathian region