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In Lviv held a constituent assembly of Ukrainian Association " Yavoryna "

May 10, 2015 in Lviv in the Museum of the liberation struggle of Ukraine held the founding meeting of the NGO " Association of Ukrainian " & quot ;. Yavoryna The organization aims to actively join the struggle and victory over Ukrainian invader and actin various spheres of public life in order to build and strengthen the Ukrainian state. At the meeting, which was attended by delegates from all over Ukraine - Crimea from Transcarpathia - supported the initiative to establish the organization. Head of Ukrainian Association " Yavoryna " Irina chosen SEC. In his speech, Irina SEC stated: " We happened to livea watershed for Ukraine when there was a revolution of dignity and continuing military confrontation with Russia. And we can not sit idly by, and sincerely want to join the struggle and victory of the Ukrainian people on the invader. We want to serve their knowledge, talent, professional skills for development. Because of this, there was a plan to unite in Decemberomadsku organization. For wholesale we can do more. Our goal - a strong state based on social and national justice, which will occupy a worthy place among the leading countries and ensure continuous development of the Ukrainian nation. And working for this goal, we assume that part of the work, which is inherent in most women. This railwayopomoha army, taking care of children, elderly, sick, disabled, care for the health of the nation (ecology, sobriety of life), the upbringing and education. We want to combine active, intelligent, purposeful women and girls of all ages. We aim to play a major political, social, economic role in public life. We are ready much pratsyuvAta - intellectually, creatively, physically, and all this - for high end and realizing our ideals & quot ;. Participants of the meeting congratulated known activist OUN, Shukhevych coherent Olga Ilkiv: " The person must burn in the struggle, and only appear effective way. I consoled you proclaim the unity of the women's movement. Let women be those measoschuye road heroes. Let God help you! & Quot ;. At the meeting were the widow of the hero Heavenly hundreds of Tatiana Khmelnytsky Sergei Bondarchuk, the widow of the deceased pilot in the East of Igor Grishin Mary the public character of Artemivsk in Donetsk region Galina Olejnikov, fighter battalion " Carpathian Sich " Maria Cup, Chairman of the Union of Ukrainian branch. EBpatoriya Faith Kovalchuk, from Kharkov, godmother hero Heavenly hundreds Authorities Svetlana Dzyubenko Hnypa, poet, laureate prize. Lesya Ukrainian Yaroslav Pavlyuk from Zhytomyr, Irina Harmasiy poetess from Transcarpathia. This was reported in the press service of the Lviv regional organization VO " Freedom "