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In Khmelnytsky eliminated fire in the summer kitchen

10 May at 13:15 on the item called ’ communication 13th state of the Fire and Rescue meters. Izaslav received information about a fire in the summer kitchen with. Klubivka. About the event to Rescue « 101 » owners reported household. Immediately place to call rescuers arrived STATESecond Emergency Services District Iziaslav that fire area of ??28 square meters. m. localized at 13:25, eliminated at 13:30. Due to operational actions firefighters extinguished the fire in those sizes, which it acquired at time of fire-rescue units. The fire destroyed the roof in summer kitchen area of ??28 square meters. m. and trees ’Jan extension. The likely cause of the fire – careless handling of fire. ACCIDENTS fire was not. PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region