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What are the main features of laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal - is the destruction of hair follicles under the influence of the thermal effect of the laser without damaging surrounding tissue.

All interesting question: How much time is required to remove laser hair?

This will tell us Shevchenko IP - the Center "GOLD LIGHT", where you can do.This process usually spans from 9 months to 2 years. The intervals between each procedure is different because it depends on the area of ??skin where hair removal is performed. Also, the number of procedures is individual for each client, as specialists take into account the intensity and color of hair. For example, if you want to remove facial hair,you need to be at least 12 sessions and 7 procedures - in the bikini area and on the legs. Remove all the hair on certain parts of the body needs to do at least 4 treatments. Sometimes they increase, but most of conduct no more than 10. By the way, Hair after hair removal falls immediately, but only after 14 days from the date when it was LaneEden epilation. After about 2 months new hair starts to grow again, but then do not wait until it is fully grown and come to the procedure as soon as possible. Remember that if you go to procedure time, their number will be much lower. So after the first hair should be 14 days immediately go for hair removal.

Is it painful procefool laser hair removal?

Of course, the procedure is painful, because the process of burning hair is a thermal process. However, each handset has a special cooling system, which allows appropriate cool skin. Also, use extra cream "Emla". It should be applied to that area of ??skin where they will spend epilyatsiyu hour before the procedure. Be sure to wrap this section of film to create the greenhouse effect. Before the procedure, remove it and wipe the skin. This will greatly facilitate pain.

Are there any contraindications for people who use laser hair removal?

Unfortunately, the main contraindication of this type of hair removal is onkozahvoryuvannya. In healthy areas of skin neoplasm data can not be provoked. Therefore, if your skin is healthy, do not be afraid to carry out these procedures. Remember that those with diseases such as psoriasis, eczema and pigmentation in no case can not hold on hair removal skin lesions. Also, all appearances to the skin necessarily coverwhite cloth that does not transmit the laser beam. Incidentally, it is impossible for hair removal and tanned skin, so it can not cause skin burns.

The impact of hair removal on the skin

Usually, laser hair removal is not harmful to the skin and to the body as a whole. For many years no one complained for this type of hair removal. You can only byhear that your skin is burning, but the process takes only 20 minutes after the procedure. Possible redness of the skin, but it takes no damage and disappear after 2 hours. Equally important is the information that the area of ??skin where hair removal should moisturize held for some time. Because after burning skin with hairgrows dry. But this is temporary. Of all the hair removal - laser is most effective. One has only to choose qualified professionals and not be afraid of pleasant changes in your body.