In the Zhytomyr region population continues to find dangerous war finds

April 28 paragraph called ’ communication 6th State Fire and Rescue village of Brusilov received two reports of detection of suspicious munitions. The first call recorded from the village. Lazarivka. There husband while in the woods came across the unidentified locathidky. Coming closer, he saw that their multiple and they are on the ground. Farmer called the number « 101 » and spoke about his discovery. Experts DSNS who came to the place of call, identified as items 2 artillery shells, 3 mines and 1 hand grenade munitions. To protectlocal people, 6 revealed ammunition fenced. Also, the place of occurrence was organized duty police officers. On the same day Brusilovsky to rescuers received another report about the discovery of GDP in. Morozovka. As in the previous case, the ammunition found in the forest. Local residents noticed two strangers on earth objects Confessoristyly this nadzvychaynykiv. Latest from ’ yasuvaly that this artillery shells munitions. Yesterday, a group of pyrotechnic works management DSNS Zhytomyr destroyed all found ammunition in a specially designated place. Dear citizens! Rescuers Zhytomyr call again, seeing explosive object or something withvni like it – immediately call « 101 & raquo ;. Try not share – Do not touch it! Never spray can disassemble or ammunition. Independently carry Nor rolls them from place to place. Does not collect or return your items such as scrap metal. Secure from harm themselves and their surroundings! UDSNA in Zhytomyr region