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In Uzhhorod district pyrotechnics destroyed three ammunition during World War II

29 April representatives of group work pyrotechnic rescue special unit immediately neutralized three explosive devices found in the Uzhgorod area. The night before, local resident, carrying out earthworks on the Esame with. Baranyntsi and. Long Field, came across a suspicious object. 19:50 Oh man reported the find to the investigation and search operations. In the morning, arriving at a place of fireworks ’ yasuvaly that it was an artillery shell caliber 152 mm during the Second World War. During the survey the surrounding area for the other experts for additional GNPOmogoy metal detector found two ammunition – mortar shells caliber 82 mm. All explosive items seized from the earth and defused at 12:30. Given the fact that in recent years more frequent cases of detection of explosive objects Office DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region appeals to citizens with a message to choosetude during excavation. After all, any time a person can come across echoes of the war. If this occurs, do not touch suspicious metallic object and move it to another location. It is strictly forbidden to try to defuse the bomb alone. Instead, we must mark the place of finding and inform authoritiesand local authorities, the police or call the emergency services by calling 101. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region