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Drunk driver and his passenger resisted the armed traffic police Volyn (+ photos)

To avoid liability for violation of traffic rules, the men did not fulfill the legal requirements of law enforcement officers in return - and swore obscenely sharpaly for uniforms. The event happened in Kovel: when patrolling police noticed a car "Citroen ", which was moving with traffic violations. On the legal requirement to stop the driver does not react the opposite - increased speed and began to flee. It went into the oncoming lane and sidewalk, creating an emergency situation to other road users. - During the persecution of would-be driver drove onto the sidewalk and continued Escapethe sidewalk. However the State workers still caught him - said inspector sector STI of MIA of Ukraine in the Volyn region Inga Smith. - A man has behaved properly, insulted by police officers and sharpav uniform. As a result of her husband, according to the current legislation, taken to the central district hospital to establish withtupenyu intoxication. At this time the car passengers who were intoxicated, the militia threatened physical violence. At the request of police officers adhere to current legislation one of the passengers did not react to the comments and tried to use physical force to police. Thus from his belt from himfell at a pistol, state inspector used measures of physical restraint and kaydanky. No documents on weapons in kovelchanyna not. So the scene called investigative team Gorotdel police. - As a result a man made administrative protocols for disobeying police and disorderly conduct, drunken drivers and proveetsya meet four articles of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences. Materials for the election of penalties aimed at Kovel City Court - said Inga Smith. In particular, the administrative man compiled materials on ch. 1, Art. 130 - driving drunk, p. 122-2 - failure to fulfill the requirements of driverspolice officer, ch. 4. 122 - creation of an emergency, ch. 1, Art. 126 - driver refused to submit to test a driver's license appropriate category, a registration document for the vehicle and Art. 185 - persistent failure to obey police officer CAO. VideoUDAI Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Volyn region