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In Uzhhorod rescuers eliminated the effects of bad weather

the morning of April 29 in Uzhgorod because of strong gusts of wind fell just a few trees. The first case recorded on the street. Drugets where the road fell old chestnut. It completely blocked the traffic on the roadway, causing the car could not move one of the main Uzhgorod andvtoshlyahiv. To help drivers went to the scene for rescue workers special purpose detachment and the 15th state of the Fire and Rescue. Together they rozkryzhuvaly tree branches and dragged to the side, freeing passage for vehicles. Immediately after rescuers received about trees falling onterritory of secondary school 6 m. Uzhgorod, located on the street. Field. In the yard ’ her educational institution two old poplar fell on a fence and hung on her, threatening life and health ’ S children. Soldiers DSNS sawed wood and laid them on the ground so that they do not fall on the heads of students. In general, in the morning, rescuers removed the 12 kubometriv wood. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region