Transcarpathian pyrotechnics defused two GNP discovered in Uzhgorod district

April 28 specialists work group pyrotechnic rescue squad of special purpose went twice to destroy explosive objects. Both cases recorded in the territory of Uzhgorod district. In the village. Kontsovo local resident during spring-polovyh work on the plot discovered suspicious metallic object. The man, realizing the danger, immediately called the emergency services. On arrival at the scene identified pyrotechnics discovery, it was a grenade F-1 World War II. She withdrew from the earth and defused at 13:50. However, experts testedsurrounding area in the presence of other explosive items. In addition, GNP discovered in the village. Kam ’ yanytsya Uzhgorod district. In came across a suspicious object people while walking the forest. After receiving the signal pyrotechnics went to the scene and seized one artillery shell caliber 152 mm, which lay in the ground more than 70okiv. At 16:00 defused explosives. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region