Chernihiv is getting ready to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Victory over Nazism in Europe

this year for the first time Ukraine with Europe and the world will begin commemorating all the victims of the Second World War of 1939-1945 on 8 May which officially declared Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation . May 9 celebrated a national holiday - Day of Victory over Nazism in the Second Worldoviy war. Measures confined to those dates in Chernihiv region, to be held at the highest organizational level. This emphasized the head of the regional state administration Valery Kulich during the workshop on preparation and celebration of memorable dates in the history of World War II. He also said that May 9 - not paragraphVictory grows, the day commemorating the dead and of living combatants. That is why emphasis must be placed on assistance to veterans and activities of national-patriotic education of youth. Changes holiday symbols - now a red poppy, which is considered a symbol of Europe's memory of the victims. It recalls trace of bullets from which expenditureos blood. To hold a series of events provides special events in areas and towns. Among them - the exhibition and meeting with veterans in the library, museum and educational institutions of the region. Since all activities are closely related to the current socio-political situation, to actively participate in their plan to invite fighters and heroes ATO demobiliBusi- soldiers. One of the main issues - ordering military burials, repair and restoration of memorials, monuments, obelisks and memorials in honor of victims. May 5-8, planned action "Happy Victory!", During which heads of executive authorities and local governments, structural pidrozdiLiv Administration, regional institutions and organizations to visit war invalids, combatants, guerrillas, soldiers' widows in the community. May 8 mourning events dedicated to the Day of memory and reconciliation begin with laying flowers at the memorial to victims of fascism in the former Podusivka tract. Memorial Installedand 40 years ago in the place where during the 1941-1942 Nazi occupation forces shot more than 15 thousand residents of Chernigov. This will be a common prayer of representatives of religious organizations of all faiths for the dead. The evening of 8 May on Red Square held a public memorial event, which will end at 23 hours 01 minutes withahalnoukrayinskoyu action "The first minute of peace." It is at this time in 1945 by the Act of unconditional surrender of Germany was declared ceasefire. 9 May with the participation of the region and city, war veterans, members of the public will lay flowers to the grave in the park to them. MM Popudrenko, vshanuvannya soldiers-liberators at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Special attention is paid to strengthening the RSA chairman precautions holidays and public order. Also Valery Kulich instructed to approve the final plan of action in areas including proposals veterans organizations and the public. - No veteran, no pupilsasnyk war should not be left without attention and congratulations. Many of them due to health and advanced age can not personally be present at the festival. The task of the government and the public - to do everything to feast came to them, - the head area. According to the press service of the regional administration