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In the Rivne region through collaboration with the employment reconstructed facilities for sports for people with disabilities,

unemployed Rokytne regional employment center came to help short-circuit "Rokitnovskiy regional center of physical culture and sports for the disabled" Invasport. " Thanks to the agreement concluded between the regional center of employment andMunicipal Institution, 11 unemployed took part in temporary jobs. Although this municipal institution in the area and found the best, but his own room he had. And with the introduction of the new therapeutic housing, vacant building of the former children's department of the local hospital. And to adapt it to function underneeds of the sports establishment, you need to make much effort. Because the unemployed worked in the room, and a large area around it for the glory, and carried exported rubbish, stained, torn down the old fence and put a new, extra cut branches of trees, planted flowers. Thanks to the perseverance and dedication of management and members of the center headBrothers helping the unemployed and many who care rokytnivchan in the reconstructed premises will soon be conducted competitions and individual sessions with people with special needs. Given that the benefits of the organization of paid work for society is obvious, Employment Service will continue to develop cooperation in this area with allma stakeholder social partnership. This was reported in Rivne city employment center