In the Transcarpathian region Volovets district in fireworks artillery shell destroyed during World War II

27 April at 11:00 to promptly and Rescue Service received information identifying explosive objects on the street. Carpathian, in village Volovets. In a dangerous discovery came across a local resident, who conducted the excavation roBots on your own garden. For disposal of explosives at the scene left a group of experts works pyrotechnic rescue squad of special purpose. Pyrotechnics identified a suspicious object is detected as an artillery projectile caliber 152 mm. He lay in the soil since the Second World War. Explosives seized from the ground and transportedon the ground in the village. Yalova Volovetskogo area where at 17:00 artillery shell destroyed. In addition, the experts examined the area around the place of occurrence for the other GNP. And in Uzhgorod district found two pieces. According to preliminary information, at p. Kam ’ yanytsya found an artillery shell and in the village. Kontsovo – grenade F-1. Removal and disposal of GDP planned for 28 April. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region