In the Rivne region rescuers taught students of 3rd school safety rules of life

28 April involving rescuers 1st State Fire and Rescue parts for secondary school pupils Rivne 3 in the Week of Life Safety Day was held civil protection. Employees of the State Service of the National Assembly told the students, fires and emergencies in the city, as well as cases of injury to children from such events. Special attention was focused on the students observing precautions in identifying suspicious of unfamiliar objects that may contain explosives. To better consolidate skills, rescuers showed students pictures masked piDr. toys, sweets or household items bombs that failed the employees of the State Service of the National Assembly to detect and neutralize. Then rescuers demonstrated present how to behave in the event of a fire in the apartment and how to act to save his life and help friends. Boys and girls with great interest examined FireWallis and rescue equipment, with which daily carried extinguish fires and rescue people in the regional center. From the lips of children was heard many questions about the use of various techniques and rescue work. In memory of the visit lifeguards at the school, each student was presented with colorful leaflets with basic rightsEelam life safety. PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region