Volyn accident: in an accident five people were injured, two -

died April 26 at 17:00 unknown driver, driving a motorcycle, moving down the street Baranova in Lutsk, made a hit a 5-year-old girl pedestrian. As a result, the girl received injuries. After the medical examination the child was sent home. Face driver installed. On the same day at 22:00Lutsk 19-year-old villager Buzhans Horokhiv, driving a car "Opel Astra", leaving a secondary road and not give way car "Volkswagen Golf" is running a 24-year resident of the village of Hill Polonka Lutsk region, which moved the main road. As a result of accident, the driver of the car "Volkswagen Golf" injuredI was hospitalized in Lutsk city hospital. April 27 at 14:30 Kivertsi from another police department received a report of an accident with victims. When leaving the State workers on the scene is set, about 14:10 28-year-old villager Borohiv Kivertsi region, driving a car "Kia Sepia" knocked cyclistsdystku which, according to preliminary data, suddenly began to move off. Due to an accident 60-year-old resident of the city Kivertsi injured, hospitalized in the central district hospital. On the same day at about 16:00 in the village of Hill Polonka Lutsk region 28-year-old villager Pidhaitsi, driving a car "Mercedes", did not choose safe Remoteies and collided with a car "Peugeot 307" running 33-year-old local resident. Due to an accident 58-year-old passenger and the driver of the car "Peugeot 307" injured, hospitalized in Lutsk city hospital. After the medical examination of victims to go home. On the highway Kovel - Domanovo, near the village Vydranytsya RatneDistrict 34-year old resident of the village Vyzhevka, driving a car "Toyota Avensis" scooter collided with "Alpha" is running a 26-year resident of the village Adamyvka. As a result of accident, the driver of the scooter and his 23-year-old passenger, a resident of the village Star from injuries died on the spot accidents. At 16:00 in Lutsk street Shevchenko 17 yearsluchanyn, driving scooter "APC", made a hit a 13-year-old schoolgirl. Due to an accident pedestrian injured, hospitalized in Volyn Regional Hospital. After giving medical aid to go home. The facts of the accident is preliminary inquiry. UGAI Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Volyn region