Ivano-Frankivsk in land relations detected 10 crimes with losses of more than 100 thousand this year total

employees Carpathian units of the State Service for Combating Economic Crimes documented 19 criminal offenses related to illegal operations with the ground. Among the identified police Ivano4 -Frankivschyny crimes are classified as grave and especially grave, 9 of these criminal offenses detected in the area of ??performance, two facts related to the unauthorized seizure of land. In terms of subjects unlawful attacks inappropriately situation is as follows: 5 convicted of criminal offenses relateda land of agricultural purpose, 4 - from forest lands, 3 - land of improving, recreational, environmental protection, 5 - land area 2 - ground water resources. According to the results of pre-trial investigation of criminal proceedings in the land sector entities announced 18 reports on suspicion of committing crimes. Cered suspects have 6 representatives of the authorities, including two village heads and officials Derzhzemahenstv 4 and 5 surveyors. During the first quarter of this year thanks to the efforts Prycarpathia police sent to the court indictment on 10 criminal proceedings concerning offenses of illegal operationsground. Overall, during this time revealed criminal offenses to the public interest suffered material damage in excess of 65o thousand. At the same time has provided compensation over 200 thousand. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Ivano-Frankivsk