In the Zhytomyr region district police officers accused of illegal mobile recycling scrap metal scrap

without permits bought by a resident of the district villages Lubarsky interest. By car and collected scrap metal now removed the local local police precinct. April 27, in the village of Great Volytsya Lubarsky areadistrict police officers stopped the car IVECO running 24-year resident of Khmelnitsky region. The cargo body of a man was carrying scrap metal weighing a total of more than 1320 pounds. Guardians helmsman explained that bought metal junk in the local population. However, to provide the necessary permits for this type of work he Categoriesis managed as such had at all. In such circumstances, the truck and was taken to hmelnychchanyna Lubarsky local police precinct. Information about the event was properly registered. Prequalification - Part 1 st.213 (violation of order of operations with scrap metal) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The current legislation podibNo unlawful acts punishable by the imposition of substantial penalties or long community service. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine in Zhytomyr region