Ivano-Frankivsk region, rescuers to help the population at home

April 27 at lunch time to Ivano-Frankivsk rescue was reported that in one of the apartment buildings on the street-based Flowers ’ Yanenko in the regional center smell gas. Arriving to a place call workers Ivano-Frankivsk MOGE blocked podachu gas to the house. Rescuers cooperation with law enforcement officials in the presence of grandchildren conducted a survey of the building owner for the victims and left enabled gas appliances. Places gas leaks and victims were found. April 27 at 16:04 hours. received a report on the need to open the doors of onewith residential apartments on the street Mykolaychuk in the regional center, as 74-year-old owner of the apartment broke the key in the door lock during the day and can not get into their own home. Rescuers using entrenching tool opened the door. Management DSNS in

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