Zhytomyr region: a day in the region occurred 2 dead wood fire

27 April at 19:50 on the item called ’ communication 18th state of the Fire and Rescue village Emilchino received information about a fire in s.Virivka. Arriving on call rescuers from ’ yasuvaly burning dead wood. Thanks to prompt and coordinated work of men DSNS20:26 Could not locate the fire. At 21:20 the fire was completely extinguished. Also, firefighters prevented the spread of fire to nearby houses. The fire destroyed about 2ha of dry grass. It is possible that a fire could occur due to entry of foreign sources of ignition. However, the final cause is currently installed. Fromprevail on experience in fire suppression in the spring, rescuers warned not to throw in the grass on a roadside outstanding butts and make a fire, as it often turns ignition of flammable trees ’ wooden outbuildings, dry feed and devastating fires in ecosystems. In particular, at 00:29 to the rescue Korostenskoho district received a call that s.Veselivka on reserve lands Ushomyrskoyi s / he was burning dry vegetation. Upon arriving at the scene firefighters found that flame ’ I moved to the side of the forest. Wasting no time, nadzvychaynyky started to work. Professional staff actions DSNS localized fire at 1:03, not allowing its distribution. Ocelimination, the final took place at 1:38. However, the fire had destroyed 3ha dead wood. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region