In Lutsk in pre-school 34 planted orchard

in pre-school number 34 held environmental action "in the future without man-made and environmental disasters" to celebrate the 29th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. During the event, preschoolers together with the Deputy Mayor, manager srights of the executive committee of the City Council Yuri Verbychem, direct liquidators of the Chernobyl accident, parents and teachers in the kindergarten area planted orchard. Before the action adviser Mayor Boris Soroka said that on 26 April marked the 29th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident. Currently measures are honoring liquidators terrible katastrophy. "The accident at Chernobyl has brought great harm to the state. Part of the country empty. Chernobyl has killed thousands of people. Citizens feel its effects now. Many people were forced to leave their homes and move to other areas. We must remember this terrible tragedy and pass it on from generation to generation, "- he added. BoronIP Soroka stressed the need to improve performance discipline, follow safety precautions to prevent future new environmental disasters. I turned to the audience and the deputy mayor, manager of the executive committee Yuri Verbych stressed that these days we honor the memory of those who defended us, given the right to life and Maybachutnye. "We continue to pursue action" in the future without technological and environmental disasters. " This is already the seventh in the garden. We planted orchards in memory of the victims of the accident. It is important that these little children understand that the tree - that's life and future, "- he said. George gave Verbych present greetings from Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk. According towords, unfortunately, for some reason, he was unable to take part in this action. Also, the deputy mayor, manager of the executive committee thanked involved in the action and educators who teach children a love of nature. Yuri Verbych presented a number of honorary awards. For participants kindergarten students number 34 produced a concert. This is invidomyly in Lutsk City Council